Kiyotaka Miura

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We have developed a new technique for analyzing the rotation vector of eye movement in three dimensions with an infrared CCD camera based on the following four assumptions; i) the eye rotates on a point; ii) the pupil edge is a circle; iii) the distance from the center of eye rotation to pupil circle remains unchanged despite the rotation; iv) the image of(More)
Direct three-dimensional laser writing of amorphous waveguides inside glass has been studied intensely as an attractive route for fabricating photonic integrated circuits. However, achieving essential nonlinear-optic functionality in such devices will also require the ability to create high-quality single-crystal waveguides. Femtosecond laser irradiation is(More)
Diamond is a promising platform for sensing and quantum processing owing to the remarkable properties of the nitrogen-vacancy (NV) impurity. The electrons of the NV center, largely localized at the vacancy site, combine to form a spin triplet, which can be polarized with 532 nm laser light, even at room temperature. The NV's states are isolated from(More)
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