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In order to help everyday life of physically weak people, we are developing exoskeletal robots for human (especially for physically weak people) motion support. In this paper, we propose a one degree-of-freedom (1 DOF) exoskeletal robot and its control system to support the human elbow motion. The proposed controller controls the angular position and(More)
—A novel concept for controlling of nonlinear systems using chaos and fuzzy model-based regulators is presented. In the control of such systems, we employ two phases, the first of which uses open-loop control forming a chaotic attractor or using chaotic inherent features in a system itself. Once the system states reach a predefined convex domain, open-loop(More)
\ Abstract. This paper presents an approach for evolving optimum behaviors for a nonholonomic mobile robot in a class of dynamic environments. A new evolutionary algorithm reflecting some powerful features in the natural evolutionary process to have flexibility to deal with changes in the environment is used to evolve optimum behaviors. Furthermore, a fuzzy(More)