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We have developed a pupil-corneal reflection method-based gaze detection system, which allows large head movements and achieves easy gaze calibration. This system contains two optical systems consisting of components such as a camera and a near-infrared light source attached to the camera. The light source has two concentric LED rings with different(More)
Muscular strength can be estimated by quantification of muscle area. For this purpose, we developed a flexible measuring system for muscle area using ultrasonography. This method is completely safe and is particularly suitable for elderly people because the subjects are not required to perform any muscular contraction during measurement. The ultrasound(More)
PURPOSES The present study investigated whether a combination of the thickness and hardness of muscles without muscle tension can be used to estimate muscle strength during knee extension in adult males and females. METHODS Seventy-two males and thirty-three females, whose ages ranged from 18 to 35 years, participated in this study. We measured muscle(More)
This paper proposes a compensation for a blurred image caused by misregistration in spatial compounding. The edge sharpening based on morphological operations is applied to the compounded image. A portable measuring system of a cross-sectional ultrasound image is designed for measuring body composition. The system is developed for non-medical applications,(More)
We have developed a measuring system to visualize a complete cross-sectional image of the human extremity using ultrasonography. This system uses several ultrasound probes, and these probes measure fragmentary graphical images of one cross-sectional plane which are then transformed into a complete cross-sectional image. The developed system is superior to(More)
The quantification of muscle volume can be used to estimate muscular strength. Therefore, we developed a flexible measuring system for muscle volume using ultrasonog-raphy. In the measuring process, subjects are not required to perform any muscular contraction, so it is completely safe and particularly suitable for elderly people. The ultrasound probe is(More)