Kiyosho Otani

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To determine the role of nitric oxide (NO) in the inhibition of aggrecan synthesis, we measured levels of NO produced by bovine chondrocytes from different layers of articular cartilage in the presence of interleukin-1 (IL-1). Chondrocytes from the superficial layer showed a large increase in NO synthesis in response to IL-1. Although chondrocytes from the(More)
Ossification of the ligamentum flavum has been recognised as a definite clinical entity as is ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament. The incidence of both is high in Japan. This study demonstrates that the incidence of ossification of the ligamentum flavum in persons who have a kyphosis of the thoracic or lumbar spine is higher than in those(More)
Twenty-seven patients with severe tuberculous kyphosis have been treated at the National Murayama Hospital between 1966 and 1977. We have undertaken curettage of the foci and vertebral osteotomy through an anterior approach, followed by gradual correction with a halo pelvic distraction apparatus and subsequent vertebral fusion. Choice of this method depends(More)
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