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We produced experim entalautoimmune hypophysitis (EAH) in rats and investi gated its characteristics. Female Lewis rats were immunized by two injections with homologous pituitary homogenate and complete Freund's adjuvant. Blood was coll ected seri ally from the rats, and serum antibodies to pituitary antigens were examined . The rats were sacrificed 2 or 4(More)
AIM The aim of the present study was to clarify differences between personal computer (PC)/mobile device combination and PC-only user patterns. We analyzed access frequency and time spent on a complete denture preclinical website in order to maximize website effectiveness. METHODS Fourth-year undergraduate students (N=41) in the preclinical complete(More)
Linoleic acid metabolites, (-)-methyl jasmonate and (+)-12-oxophytodienoic acid ((+)-12-oxo-PDA), were prepared from the same precursor (1,2-trans, 1,3-cis, 2'Z)-2-(pent-2'-enyl)-cyclopent-4-en-1,3-diol, which was obtained by regioselective pent-2-enylation of cyclopentadiene and following photooxidation to cis-1,3-diol. A methoxycarbonylmethyl substituent(More)
Project ICHIGAN is a voluntary-based attempt to build a reference IT architecture for local governments that can withstand large-scale natural disasters. This architecture is unique in that 1) it has the concept of phases of the situation for which different priorities on non-functional requirements are applied, and 2) the functionalities and services(More)
Single intraperitoneal and intravenous injections of isocoformycin at 1,200 mg/kg did not cause the death of mice. Isocoformycin which inhibited adenosine deaminase enhanced significantly the toxicity of formycin A and ara-A at various combination ratios. Isocoformycin potentiated antitumor activity of formycin A and ara-A against L1210 leukemia. Formycin A(More)
Conventional sensors have been designed to minimize noise effects. Any sensor that is designed to detect a certain physical variable is influenced to a certain degree by other physical variables. This suggests that any sensor is potentially tap able of detecting multiple physical variables. In the present study, we consider sensing devices that are easily(More)
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