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Acknowledgements My time as a graduate student at SOKENDAI and NII has been supported by many kind people. This page attempts to recognize those who have been most helpful along the way. First of all, I am deeply indebted to my supervisor, Professor Dr. Kento Aida. His advice, support and kind encouragement on both professional and private issues have(More)
Mutable Cinema is an interactive installation that allows a player to perform live editing of a movie in front of an audience. As the player navigates the interface in real time, he or she generates new patterns from the broad narrative database, such that each performance delivers a different interpretation on the cinematic content. A player interacts(More)
The third World Baseball Classic (WBC) was held in March 2013. In this tournament, 16 teams play in Round 1 under a round-robin (RR) format and 8 teams which advanced to Round 2 play under a modified double-elimination (MDE) format. This 2013 WBC format is compared with the formats such as the past two WBCs held in 2006 and 2009, from the aspect of the(More)
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