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Induction of hepatic mixed function oxidases by photomirex.
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Species difference in the inhibition of drug metabolism by liver microsomes by different inhibitors.
It has been reported that the activities of drug-metabolizing enzymes of liver microsomes are inhibited by different kind of drugs (1). SKF 525-A (β-diethylaminoethyl-diphenylpropylacetate HCl) wasExpand
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Effects of cilostazol, a selective cAMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor on the contraction of vascular smooth muscle.
The effects of cilostazol (OPC-13013, 6-[4-(1-cyclohexyl-1H-tetrazol-5-yl)butoxy]-3,4-dihydro-2(1H)-quin olinone) on cyclic nucleotide metabolism and Ca2+-induced contraction of intact and skinnedExpand
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Drug metabolism in tumor-bearing rats. I. Activities of NADPH-linked electron transport and drug-metabolizing enzyme systems in liver microsomes of tumor-bearing rats.
It has recently been recognized that the metabolism of lipid soluble compounds by liver microsomal enzymes is highly important factors for controlling the action and toxicity of various drugs (1-5).Expand
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Effect of syrup on the absorption of drugs from gastrointestinal tract.
There is considerable evidence in the literature that the rate of drug absorption from gastrointestinal tract is one of major factors for the determination of drug action (1-3). In a previous paper,Expand
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Effects of morphine treatment and starvation on the substrate interaction with P-450 in the oxidation of drugs by liver microsomes.
In previous papers (1, 2), it has been reported that in male rats the administration of morphine and also starvation caused a marked decrease in the activities of drug-metabolizing enzymes of liverExpand
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Strain differences in the metabolism and action of drugs in mice and rats.
It is well documented that there is clear relationship between the rate of drug metabolism by liver microsomes and the intensity of the effect and toxicity of a variety of drugs (1-5). Recent studiesExpand
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