Kiyoshi Nosu

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Optical frequency-division-multiplexing distribution systems providing more than ten frequency multiplexed optical signals separated by on the order of gigahertz, distribute signals to plural receivers, where one of the signals is selected by a frequency selection switch (FS-SW). This paper describes the design of an optical frequency-divisionmultiplexing(More)
Communication skill is thought as very important skill for working people especially in IT industry. Recent university's education cannot teach this communication skill well to students. The surveys about communication in a IT system development environment, were done to team leaders and managers in IT companies, and also to students. Good communication(More)
This paper describes the work actions of origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, using data from 10 male university students measured using first- and third-person view videos and utterances during interviews. A multiple regression equation on production time was calculated from a multiple regression analysis of tracking data of the movement(More)