Kiyoshi Namai

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In order to consolidate molecular genetic system in Lotus japonicus and to further access the biological diversity in Lotea, we introduce here Lotus burttii B-303 derived from West Pakistan as the third crossing partner of the Gifu ecotype (B-129-S9) for a genetic analysis. L. burttii is a relatively small and early flowering plant with non-shattering(More)
Inoculation of tissue-cultured plants of strawberry cultivar Ichigochukanbohon-Nou2gou (Nou-2) with the anthracnose pathogen (Glomerella cingulata) results in wilting and plant death, whereas inoculation of strawberry runners grown in greenhouses results in leaf spots, not wilting or death. When tissue-cultured Nou-2 plants were acclimated for 3, 9 or 15(More)
To investigate the mode of inheritance of apomixis in Chinese chive, the degrees of diplospory and parthenogenesis were evaluated in F(1) and BC(1) progenies derived from crosses between amphimictic and apomictic diploids (2n = 16, 2x). The F(1) population was generated by crossing three amphimictic diploids 94Mo13, 94Mo49 and 94Mo50 with an apomictic(More)
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