Kiyoshi Kikkawa

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OBJECTIVE Mutations of the genes encoding subunits of potassium voltage-gated channel, KCNQ2 and KCNQ3, have been identified in patients with benign familial neonatal seizures (BFNS). This study set out to determine the frequency of microchromosomal deletions of KCNQ2 or KCNQ3 associated with BFNS. METHODS The study subjects were patients with BFNS (n =(More)
Introduction This report will discuss a case of minimally conjoined omphalopagus twins (MCOTs) with a body stalk anomaly (BSA). Case Report We experienced monochorionic diamniotic (MD) twins born at 31 weeks. One infant was suspicious of BSA before birth, and another infant was normal. But normal infant had anal atresia with small intestine which was(More)
We performed a cytogenetic study on 140 nonpolymalformed patients with mental retardation of clinically undefined origin, using a high resolution banding technique, to determine how much chromosome abnormalities contribute to the etiology of this condition. A total of 15 patients (10.7%) were found to have autosomal or sex chromosomal abnormalities.(More)
Class III phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PIK3C3 or mammalian vacuolar protein sorting 34 homolog, Vps34) regulates vesicular trafficking, autophagy, and nutrient sensing. Recently, we reported that PIK3C3 is expressed in mouse cerebral cortex throughout the developmental process, especially at early embryonic stage. We thus examined the role of PIK3C3 in the(More)
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