Kiyoshi Kawamata

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We report two cases of unruptured tubal pregnancy that were evaluated on MRI at 5 weeks' gestation. In both cases, MRI revealed gestational sac-like structures surrounded by thickened walls outside the ovaries. At the periphery of gestational sac-like structures, small amounts of fresh blood were also identified. These findings highly indicate ectopic(More)
T hirty seven years have passed since the first description of Kawasaki disease (KD) and some women with coronary artery lesions caused by KD are now of childbearing age 2 The incidence of giant aneurysms leading to ischaemic heart disease among women is about one third that among men. There is little information on managing pregnancy and delivery in(More)
Pleurisy with or without effusion has not been considered to be associated with primary Sjögren's syndrome (SS), but rather to represent a manifestation of the underlying disorder, usually rheumatoid arthritis in secondary SS. We describe a patient with primary SS who presented with pleural effusions (PE) as an initial manifestation. Serological studies of(More)
We describe two patients with acute hydrocephalus, in whom CT scans did not show intraventricular hemorrhage unequivocally. Midline sagittal MR imaging revealed a blood clot plugging the aqueduct. MR imaging is useful for detecting sub-acute clots within the aqueduct and for differentiating them from other entities.
in ulcus II grade, 15 cases in ulcus III and 9 cases in ulcus IV. 4. In 35 cases of non eroded, exposed arterial lesion in bleeding gastric ulcer, their bleeding source was demonstrated in 25 cases from the bottom of ulcer, in 7 cases from surrounding gastri t is of ulcer and in 3 cases from distant gastri t is of ulcer. 5. The main source of bleeding(More)