Kiyoshi Hatakeyama

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Anesthetic agents, especially, volatile anesthetics are considered to exert organ toxicity such as nephrotoxicity and hepatotoxicity; however, recent aggressive researches explored the beneficial effects of volatile anesthetics as an organ protectant. Ischemic preconditioning is a phenomenon in which single or multiple brief periods of ischemia have been(More)
Traumatic brain injury and ischemia can result in marked neuronal degeneration and residual impairment of cerebral function. However, no effective pharmacological treatment directed at tissues of the central nervous system (CNS) for acute intervention has been developed. The detailed pathophysiological cascade leading to -neurodegeneration in these(More)
BACKGROUND Although protein kinase C-γ (PKC-γ) is a target for the effects of volatile anesthetics, the molecular mechanisms of the kinase function remain unclear. We examined the effects of different types of anesthetics on PKC-γ knockout mice, and investigated the dynamics of the kinase in mouse brain. METHODS We measured the required number of times(More)
Using laser speckle imaging (LSI), which can visualize quadratic distribution of blood flow, we measured blood flow changes in transient cerebral ischemic mice, and compared these results with data obtained using laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF). In addition, we examined the relationship between ischemic damage and blood flow change. ICR mice (n = 22) were(More)
We developed a conventional imaging method to measure Ca(2+) concentration in cytosol (using FuraRed as an indicator) and mitochondria (using Rhod-2 as an indicator), simultaneously, by alternative excitation with specific wave length. After confirming the availability of the method in Hela cells, we applied it to mouse whole-brain slice -preparation, which(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, various sets of protein -biomarkers have been discovered in important diseases such as cancers, brain stroke and heart attack. However, clinical validation is difficult and time-consuming by individual assays or because of very low concentrations at early stages of the diseases. We have developed assay technology through an innovative(More)
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