Kiyoshi Ezawa

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Duplogs, or intraspecies paralogs, constitute the important portion of eukaryote genomes and serve as a major source of functional innovation. We conducted detailed analyses of recently emerged animal duplogs. Genome data of three vertebrate species (Homo sapiens, Mus musculus, and Danio rerio), Caenorhabditis elegans, and two Drosophila species (Drosophila(More)
Addendum to " Classical and Quantum Evolutions of the de Sitter and the anti-de Sitter Universes in 2+1 dimensions " (revised version) Abstract The previous discussion [1] on reducing the phase space of the first order Ein-stein gravity in 2+1 dimensions is reconsidered. We construct a " correct " physical phase space in the case of positive cosmological(More)
We study open supermembrane in 11 dimensional rigid superspace with 6 dimensional topological defects (M-theory five-branes). After rederiving, in the Green-Schwarz formalism, the boundary conditions of open superstring in the type IIA theory , we determine the boundary conditions of open supermembrane by imposing kappa symmetry and invariance under a(More)
Two canonical formulations of the Einstein gravity in 2+1 dimensions, namely, the ADM formalism and the Chern-Simons gravity, are investigated in the case of nonvanishing cosmological constant. General arguments for reducing phase spaces of the two formalisms are given when spatial hypersurface is compact. In particular when the space has the topology of a(More)