Kiyoshi Asakawa

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A culturally relevant framework was used to examine variations on optimistic and pessimistic bias in Westerners and Easterners. Study 1 showed that 136 European Americans compared with 159 Japanese were more likely to predict typical positive events to occur to self than to a sibling. The opposite pattern emerged in the prediction of typical negative(More)
The authors compared levels of optimistic and pessimistic bias in the prediction of positive and negative life events between European Americans and Japanese. Study 1 showed that European Americans compared with Japanese were more likely to predict positive events to occur to self than to others. The opposite pattern emerged in the prediction of negative(More)
We experimentally studied enhancement of the third-order nonlinear optical phenomena, i.e., self-phase modulation due to optical Kerr effect and two-photon absorption (TPA) in a small group-velocity (V(g)) line-defect guided-mode of AlGaAs-based photonic-crystal slab waveguide. We found that the phase shift Deltaphi or nominal Kerr constant n'(2) and TPA(More)
Straight single-line-defect photonic crystal (PC) waveguides on GaAs slabs with lengths of 1, 4, and 10 mm have been fabricated. By controlling the Al content of a sacrificial AlGaAs clad layer and the wet etching duration, a PC core layer with a very smooth surface was obtained. Atomic force microscope images indicate that the roughness on the top surface(More)
High transmission of slow-light in a photonic crystal (PC) waveguide (WG) using a hetero group-velocity (Ht-V(g)) PC-WG was proposed and experimentally investigated. The Ht-V(g) WG, which comprises a low-group-velocity (L-V(g)) PC-WG section between two identical high-group- velocity (H-V(g)) PC-WGs, is designed to decrease the impedance mismatch of the(More)
We demonstrated a novel two-dimensional photonic crystal (PC) based Symmetric Mach Zehnder type all-optical switch (PC-SMZ) with InAs quantum dots (QDs) acting as a nonlinear phase-shift source. The 600- ?m-long PC-SMZ having integrated wavelength-selective PC-based directional couplers and other PC components exhibited a 15-ps-wide switching-window with(More)
We performed optical characterizations of optical delay lines based on photonic crystal waveguides. The delay lines were composed of cylindrical air holes in silicon-on-silicon-dioxide ridge waveguides, defects were periodically created by means of increasing the separation of two neighboring air holes, and the structure was designed to have(More)
Topology optimization has been used to design intersections in two-dimensional photonic crystal slab waveguides. We have experimentally confirmed that the optimized intersection displays high-transmittance with low-crosstalk for the straightforward beam-propagation line.
BACKGROUND The psychological reactions to catastrophic events are not known well in children. PURPOSE The present study was performed to quantify the core features of post-traumatic stress reactions in schoolchildren after the Kobe earthquake. METHODS Children's psychological reactions to the Kobe earthquake were examined in a total of 8,800(More)