Kiyoshi Arimoto

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An 8-year old girl with a not previously described type of complicated hereditary spastic paraplegia (HSP) is presented. Spasticity in her lower limbs had already been recognized during infancy and worsened progressively. Severe delay in mental development was observed. Peripheral neuropathy and optic atrophy developed at 5 years of age. On brain magnetic(More)
We examined the present situation of children and adolescents with psycho-motor disabilities, and their parents by means of a questionnaire survey. The survey was conducted on the family members of outpatients, 116 males and 86 females. About half the patients were older than 15 years of age. The families of 128 patients did not use a home help service such(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the psychological development of patients with congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS). METHODS We performed a questionnaire-based survey of 17 patients with CCHS aged over 7 years and assessed their clinical course, respiratory management, and psychological development. RESULTS CCHS was present at birth in 15 patients,(More)
OBJECTIVE The nutritive evaluation and the serum carnitine values were measured for persons with severe motor and intellectual disabilities with enteral (tube) feeding. METHODS In Shimada Rehabilitation Center, twenty one people who had serum albumin levels of 3.4 g/dl or less, and were taking nutrition with enteral (tube) feeding, were tested. Body(More)
Hoffmann reflex (H reflex) is an electrically elicited spinal monosynaptic reflex. H reflex was examined in 18 patients with spastic quadriplegia who had perinatal or postnatal problems. H reflex was elicitable in 11 patients for the abductor pollicis brevis (61.1%), 10 for the abductor digiti minimi (55.6%) and 16 for the abductor hallucis (88.9%). Because(More)
A single chip Lempel-Ziv data compressor, " in Proc. High-throughput data compressor designs using content addressable memory, " in Proc. High-throughput data compressor designs using content addressable memory, " IEE Proc.—Circuits, Devices and Syst., vol. A fast hardware data compression algorithm and some algorithmic extansions, " IBM J. A(More)
This is a report of the setting up of a day group service system for severely disabled children, the "Koala Club". The "Koala Club" was started in 1993, and has been running outside of the hospital since 1997. A support group for the "Koala Club" was established in 1999. Currently 13 children attend the "Koala Club". The staff of the "Koala Club" consists(More)