Kiyonobu Uehara

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It is expected that software defined radio (SDR) technology that can access multiple wireless communication systems will be applied to mobile terminals and base stations as a beyond 3G wireless system. An SDR wideband mobile terminal must be capable of high-speed data processing and low power consumption. To evaluate the performance of reconfigurable(More)
Interaction faults caused by a flawed external system designed by a third party are a major issue faced by interconnected systems. Fault injection is a valuable tool for evaluating the dependability of such scenarios. Several types of errors caused by interaction faults may be injected by existing approaches, even though previous work focused on other types(More)
Various wireless systems are being developed to meet users' needs, and effective frequency use is urgently needed because of the rapid increase in frequency demand that accompanies the increasing popularity of wireless services. However, general base stations are making no effort to use frequency effectively, and cooperation among wireless system base(More)
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