Kiyomi Shinohara

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OBJECTIVE Various control conditions have been employed in psychotherapy trials, but there is growing suspicion that they may lead to different effect size estimates. The present study aims to examine the differences among control conditions including waiting list (WL), no treatment (NT) and psychological placebo (PP). METHOD We comprehensively searched(More)
BACKGROUND Over the years randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of various psychotherapies for treating depression have provided evidence to demonstrate the interventions' efficacy/effectiveness. However, recent researches suggest that the quality of some RCTs were actually less than ideal, which could hence have biased their results. The present study aims(More)
BACKGROUND So-called 'third wave' cognitive and behavioural therapies represent a new generation of psychological therapies that are increasingly being used in the treatment of psychological problems. However, the effectiveness and acceptability of third-wave cognitive and behavioural therapy (CBT) approaches as treatment for acute depression remain(More)
BACKGROUND SUN(^_^)D, the Strategic Use of New generation antidepressants for Depression, is an assessor-blinded, parallel-group, multicenter pragmatic mega-trial to examine the optimum treatment strategy for the first- and second-line treatments for unipolar major depressive episodes. The trial has three steps and two randomizations. Step I randomization(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies have described real-world prescription patterns of first-line antidepressants for depression but little is known about their fate in terms of duration, intensity and changes. METHODS An inception cohort of new onset non-psychotic depression initiating antidepressant treatment with a new generation antidpressive agent was(More)
OBJECTIVE The selective reporting of favorable outcomes has a serious influence on our evidence base. However, this problem has not yet been systematically investigated in the field of psychiatry. Our study aimed to evaluate registration and outcome reporting in randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of standard treatments for depression: cognitive behavioural(More)
INTRODUCTION Many antidepressants are indicated for the treatment of major depression. Two network meta-analyses have provided the most comprehensive assessments to date, accounting for both direct and indirect comparisons; however, these reported conflicting interpretation of results. Here, we present a protocol for a systematic review and network(More)
Cyclical oligogyny is considered to be the mechanism that is most likely to be responsible for stabilizing cooperation in polygynous, epiponine wasps, in which single-queen colonies produce new queens and multiple-queen colonies produce males. In contrast with the number of studies on relatedness among adult females, we know little about relatedness among(More)
OBJECTIVE Abstracts of scientific reports are sometimes criticized for exaggerating significant results when compared to the corresponding full texts. Such abstracts can mislead the readers. We aimed to conduct a systematic review of overstatements in abstract conclusions in psychiatry trials. METHODS We searched for randomized controlled trials published(More)