Kiyomi Sano

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Cytokinins promote cell division and chloroplast development in tissue culture. We previously isolated two mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana, ckh1 (cytokinin-hypersensitive 1) and ckh2, which produce rapidly growing green calli in response to lower levels of cytokinins than those found in the wild type. Here we report that the product of the CKH2 gene is(More)
The homolog of the dnaA gene, which has been reported to be present in the vicinity of the initiation site of replication in the genome of Mycoplasma capricolum (M.Miyata, L.Wang, and T.Fukumura, J. Bacteriol. 175: 655-660, 1993) was mapped precisely. A 9540-bp region containing the dnaA gene was cloned and the entire region was sequenced with the exception(More)
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