Kiyomi Sakamoto

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It has been demonstrated that optokinetic nystagmus (OKN) gain increases through attention to peripheral motion when the central visual field is occluded. However, how the properties of OKN change when two areas containing motion in different directions are presented in the peripheral visual field is still unclear. In this study, we investigated whether OKN(More)
Using physiological and psychological measurements, we carried out experiments to investigate the influence of viewing distance and TV screen size on visual fatigue and feeling of involvement using 17-inch, 42-inch and 65-inch displays. The experiment was an ordinary viewing test with the content similar to everyday TV programs for one hour including(More)
The authors report here the results of evaluation experiments designed to explore the effect of viewing distance on visual fatigue. Two kinds of visual content (normal content and content likely to cause visual fatigue) were used by means of physiological measurements of subject responses while viewing a 42-inch PDP display, followed by psychological(More)
Recently, R32 refrigerant, which has low global warming potential (GWP), attracts much attention as an alternative one instead of R410A and has started to be used in practical systems of room air conditioners (RAC), but compared with natural refrigerants, its GWP of 675 is still high and it is required to use refrigerants with much lower GWP. In addition,(More)