Kiyohito Nakai

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Cloning and sequencing of segment 9 of Bombyx mori cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus (BmCPV) strains H and I were performed. The segment consisted of 1,186 bp harboring 5' and 3' noncoding regions and an open reading frame from positions 75 to 1037, encoding a protein with 320 amino acids, termed NS5. Comparison of the nucleotide sequences of NS5 for the two(More)
In the course of a review of the current health insurance system in Japan, promotion of the use of generic products of lower price is expected in direction for minifying the drug costs which occupy about 20% thereof. However, the use of generic products has not increased so much as expected. One of the reasons to explain the fact might be that concerns(More)
The bioequivalence study which is currently conducted in different countries is the so-called average bioequivalence approach; this approach has been indicated to be insufficient for assessing switchability between two formulations (i.e., from the reference formulation to the test formulation). In the U.S., therefore, the population bioequivalence approach(More)
UNLABELLED Deterioration of the medication adherence for elderly could result in wasteful medical expenditure in a long-term span as well as aggravating the patient's medical condition. OBJECTIVE This study surveyed the effect of one-dose package medication made up by a pharmacist on the patient's behavior towards medication, what is expected to be one of(More)
AIMS We investigated the comparison of average bioequivalence approach and population approach using bioequivalence study data which have been reported. MATERIALS On MEDLINE, "bioequivalence" was entered as a key word to search in the 3 journals which were published between 1980 and 1989. Consequently, a total of 17 data sets on AUC and 12 data sets on(More)
Good manufacturing practice (GMP; see first comment in article note) and good quality practice (GQP; see second comment in article note) defined in Pharmaceutical Affairs Law (PAL) are crucial regulations for assuming the quality, efficacy, and safety for pharmaceutical products in Japan. The revision of Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in 2002 which entered into(More)
Of the total of 306 amino acids in the sequence of sphingomyelinase (SMPLC) from Bacillus cereus, almost half (150) are expected to be involved in the formation of loop or turn structure, while 65 and 73 residues may participate in the formation of alpha-helix and beta-structure, respectively. The helix content of SMPLC was calculated to be 0-5%, based on(More)
Recently, the equine antitoxin supply in Japan has sharply decreased; then it is apparent that a stable supply produced solely by private industry cannot be relied upon. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW), therefore, purchases vaccines and equine antitoxins from manufacturers who could not otherwise independently provide an adequate antitoxin(More)
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