Kiyohisa Ouchi

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We investigated the application of Carbopol(R) (CP) as a novel coating material prepared with various grades of CP having different degrees of cross-linking and molecular weights. Viscosity and spray mist size of CP aqueous solutions at various concentrations of CP were measured. Core tablets containing theophylline (TP), as a model drug, were coated with(More)
A new agglomerated KSR-592 (steroid) beta-form needle-like crystals with lactose system for dry powder inhalation (DPI) was developed to improve inhalation performance with Jethaler. The drug agglomerates were prepared by the method of spherical agglomeration in liquid so as to control the particle size and the mechanical strength of agglomerates by(More)
A silk protein, sericin, contains 18 kinds of amino acids, mostly polar side chains forming a complex of three principal polypeptides. The major polypeptides exhibit hydrophobic characteristics by forming a β-sheet structure in a hydrate state. As a drug-releasing biomaterial made by an aqueous process without using any cross linker, sericin is expected to(More)
Bagasse, corn husk, and switchgrass were pretreated with ammonia water to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis. The sample (2 g) was mixed with 1-6 mL ammonia water (25-28% ammonia) and autoclaved at 120 degreesC for 20 min. After treatment, the product was vacuum-dried to remove ammonia gas. The dried solid could be used immediately in the enzymatic hydrolysis(More)
A solid dispersion (SD) powder of indomethacin (IM) with CrosPVP was prepared continuously using a twin-screw extruder (extruder) or twin-screw kneader (kneader), which made it possible to simultaneously control kneading, mixing, and heating. For the extruder or kneader, IM existed in an amorphous state while it was treated with a screw rotation speed of 15(More)
To evaluate the usability of silk protein (sericin, SC) as a sustained-release material, the physicochemical properties of SC and the release profiles of model drugs from SC gel, sponge and film were studied. Heat aids the dissolution of SC. The molecular weight of SC tended to decrease as the heating temperature and heating time increased. The gel and(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the present study was to improve the dry powder inhalation behavior of steroid KSR-592 with lactose by altering the crystal shape and the particle size of the drug for use in a newly designed inhalation device, Jethaler. METHOD The shape of the crystals was changed by polymorphic transformation of original crystal (alpha-form) to(More)
A rapid and simple method for the determination of allantoin in pharmaceuticals by reversed-phase ion-pair high-performance liquid chromatography using an ODS column was presented. In general, it is difficult to retain allantoin to the ODS column owing to its very low hydrophobicity. We solved these problems by the use of a Tris-HCl buffer (pH 7.5)(More)
The sulfokinase, that transfers activated sulfate from PAPS (3'-phosphoadenosine-5'-phosphosulfate) to nitrocatechol sulfate was studied. 1. It is thought that the enzyme plays an important role in detoxication by the sulfation of polyhydric phenols in liver. 2. The enzyme had an optimum at pH 8.0 in Tris-acetate buffer. Km was 0.105 x 10(-3)M. The rate of(More)
Thermal analyses [thermogravimetry (TG) and differential thermal analysis (DTA)], X-ray diffraction, and infrared absorption analysis of bones from ovariectomized rats were carried out. The rats were divided into five groups: sham operated (Sham); ovariectomized (OVX); OVX given traditional Chinese (Kampo) medicine, Unkei-to; OVX given 17 beta-estradiol;(More)