Kiyofumi Inaba

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For identification of genes responsible for varietal differences in flowering time and leaf morphological traits, we constructed a linkage map of Brassica rapa DNA markers including 170 EST-based markers, 12 SSR markers, and 59 BAC sequence-based markers, of which 151 are single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers. By BLASTN, 223 markers were shown to(More)
Chymotrypsin inhibitor 2 (CI2) is the archetypal single-foldon protein that folds in simple two-state kinetics without the accumulation of a folding intermediate. To model the effects of fusion of single foldons to give a multi-foldon protein, we engineered a "double-CI2" protein, in which another CI2 polypeptide was inserted into the loop region of the(More)
We identified three physical positions associated with embryo yield in microspore culture of Brassica rapa by segregation distortion analysis. We also confirmed their genetic effects on the embryo yield. Isolated microspore culture is well utilized for the production of haploid or doubled-haploid plants in Brassica crops. Brassica rapa cv. ‘Ho Mei’ is one(More)
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