Kiyoaki Itoi

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We present a high-Q variable inductor using redistributed layers, whose inductance is of nH-order for GHz applications. The inductance can be varied by shielding the magnetic flux by means of a metal plate above the inductor. The metal plate is moved using a MEMS actuator. At 2 GHz, the measured inductance is varied from 4.80 nH to 2.27 nH, i.e., the(More)
Large losses of on-chip passive devices are crucial problem for CMOS RF circuits. This paper proposes the use of wafer-level chip scale package (WL-CSP) technology to realize on-chip distributed-constant passive devices on Si CMOS substrates. In this paper, a 3 dB 90deg directional coupler using WL-CSP technology is investigated. Algebraic comparison of(More)
This paper presents nonlinear filters that are obtained from extensions of morphological filters. The proposed nonlinear filter consists of a convex and concave filter that are extensions of the dilation and erosion of morphological filter with the maxout activation function. Maxout can approximate arbitrary convex functions as piecewise linear functions,(More)
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