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A 3.4-kb SphI fragment carrying the pullulanase gene of Thermus thermophilus HB8 was cloned. Based on the nucleotide sequence of it and the flanking region analyzed by direct sequencing of the inverse PCR product, an expression vector was constructed. The E. coli cells harboring the plasmid produced an about 80-kDa protein having pullulanase activity, the(More)
T HE 2002 IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing So-ciety's Awards were presented at two separate forums. Presentations of the Fellow Award were also made at this event. Professor Sarabandi made these presentations with the assistance of the IEEE 2002 President, Raymond D. Findlay. To promote excellence in research and service, each year, the IEEE Geoscience(More)
Nominations can be made by any member to recognize deserving individuals. Usually, the list of candidates comprises five to seven names. The selection is made by GRS-S AdCom members and former recipients of the award. The nominations for the GRS-S Outstanding Service Award are made by the Awards Committee and by GRS-S AdCom, but suggestions from any member(More)