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The gerbil's ventral gland secretion has been assumed to play a role in territorial defense. The odor of this secretion should be avoided by males which have recently lost a dominance contest to a male which deposited the odor mark. In two experiments, male gerbils were randomly paired and dichotomized on the basis of dominance status. Twenty-four hours(More)
Involution of the thoracic thymus in two species of marsupial mouse, Antechinus swainsonii (Waterhouse) and Antechinus stuartii (Macleay) was shown to be unrelated to corticosteroid action and to be complete before puberty. A stress response in male marsupial mice is caused by an androgen related drop in the plasma corticosteroid binding globulin(More)
A tubular or sac-like structure with a well defined lumen which occasionally contained parasites was found in the outer muscle wall of the small and large intestine in 32 out of 40 male and 35 of 40 female marsupial mice of the two species, Antechinus swainsonii and Antechinus stuartii (Macleay). A similar structure was also found in the muscle layers of(More)
Marc A. Adams Siddharth Agarwal Angela Aidala Sara Allin Michael David April Glenn Backes Mick Ballesteros Declan Barry Fran Baum David Bearden John Bigham Kim Blankenship Ricky Bluthenthal Keosha Bond Sebastian Bonner Robert Booth Jessica Burke Meagan Cahill Waleska Caiaffa Aimee Campbell Magdalena Cerda Allen Cheadle Mary Ann Chiasson Phil Coffin Donn(More)
The distribution and number of Peyer's patches (5) in two species of marsupial mice, Antechinus swainsonii and Antechinus stuartii was found to be the same even though the length of the intestine in the latter species was half that of the former. Both species lack a caecum and appendix. The position of the Peyer's patches is unusual in that the first three(More)
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