Kiwako S. Araki

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS In clonal plants producing vegetative offspring, performance at the genet level as well as at the ramet level should be investigated in order to understand the entire picture of the population dynamics and the life history characteristics. In this study, demography, including reproduction and survival, the growth patterns and the spatial(More)
The evolutionary origins and advantages of clonal reproduction relative to sexual reproduction have been discussed for several taxonomic groups. In particular, organisms with a sessile lifestyle are often exposed to spatial and temporal environmental fluctuations. Thus, clonal propagation may be advantageous in such fluctuating environments, for sessile(More)
Gymnogobius isaza is a freshwater goby endemic to Lake Biwa, Japan. They experienced a drastic demographic bottleneck in the 1950s and 1980s and slightly recovered thereafter, but the population size is still very small. To reveal dynamics of genetic diversity of G. isaza, we developed nine microsatellite markers based on the sequence data of a related goby(More)
We developed 11 polymorphic microsatellite [simple sequence repeat (SSR)] loci from genomic DNA of Veratrum album ssp. oxysepalum using a dual-suppression polymerase chain reaction technique and an improved method. These markers, with four to 17 alleles per locus, identified 47 genotypes in 48 samples collected from a population in Hokkaido, Japan. The(More)
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