Kivoshi Hoshino

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In this paper, we present a method for estimating road shape using on-vehicle millimeter-wave radar. The radar detects not only the backscatter from vehicles but also from stationary objects such as crash barriers and sound barrier walls that are generally installed along roads. This indicates that we can estimate road shape by collecting information on the(More)
The authors propose a system for searching the shape of human hands and fingers in real time and with high accuracy, without using any special peripheral equipment such as range sensor, PC cluster, etc., by a method of retrieving similar image quickly with high accuracy from a large volume of image database containing the complicated shapes and(More)
In this study, we propose a control algorithm that can estimate gains by a simple method with a double-acting air cylinder and can realize accurate speed control and position control. Specifically, we aimed at quick response and less overshoot by providing PD controller of common bias pressure that can generate passive drag, in addition to the DIP(More)
When a humanoid robot hand generates a dexterous motion or adaptive behavior, a three-dimensional tactile sensor is indispensable which is as thin and soft as human skin. This study proposed a three-dimensional tactile sensor which enables to use a thin and soft elastic body without requiring any such processing as drawing of pattern on the surface or(More)
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