Kivanç Nurdan

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A prototype detector for Compton camera imaging is under development. A mono-lithic array of 19 channel Silicon drift detector with on-chip electronics is going to be used as a scatter detector for the prototype system. Custom designed analog and digital readout electronics for this detector was first tested by using a single cell Silicon drift detector.(More)
An interpolating two-dimensional X-ray imaging detector based on a single-photon counter with gas amplification by GEM (gas electron multiplier) structures is presented. The detector system can be used for time-resolved structure research down to the micro s time domain. The prototype detector has been tested at the SAXS (small-angle X-ray scattering)(More)
A prototyping project has been undertaken by the ATLAS DAQ and Event Filter group to design and implement a fully functional vertical slice of the ATLAS DAQ and Event Filter. It supports the evaluation of hardware and software technologies as well as their system integration aspects. This paper describes the Data-flow component, its design, implementation(More)
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