Kitty van Vuuren

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This article charts the development of a label that appeared early on in Australian debates on climate change, namely 'greenhouse sceptics'. We explore who uses the label, for what purposes and with which effects, and how this label may contribute to the development of social representations in the climate debate. Our findings show that over the last 25(More)
The Australian Magpie ( Cracticus tibicen ) is a common bird found in urban Australian environments where its nest defense behavior during spring brings it into conflict with humans. This article explores the role of print media in covering this conflict. Leximancer software was used to analyze newspaper reports about the Australian Magpie from a sample of(More)
Monoclonal antibodies specific for the loop determinant (residues 64-80) of hen's egg white lysozyme demonstrated an immunoglobulin class restriction. Only IgM response against the loop could be evoked in mice, irrespective of whether the immunogen was the intact native lysozyme as such, or the loop peptide covalently conjugated to a synthetic carrier,(More)
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