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Two types of liposomes, commonly used in drug delivery studies, and E. coli bacteria, all prepared in H2O, were resuspended in D2O and measured with Small Angle SpinEcho Neutron Scattering (SESANS). Modeling was performed using correlation functions for solid spheres and hollow spheres. The signal strength and curve shape were more indicative of hollow(More)
Soft particles such as polymeric microgels can form ultra-dense phases, where the average center-to-center distance a s can be smaller than the initial unperturbed particle diameter σ 0, due to their ability to interpenetrate and compress. However, despite of the effort devoted to microgels at ultrahigh densities, we know surprisingly little about their(More)
Novel and highly soluble hybrid conjugated organic oligomers consisting of oligodiacetylene and thiophene units have been synthesized in high purity through iterative and divergent approaches based on a sequence of Sonogashira reactions. The series of thiophene-containing oligodiacetylenes (ThODAs) and homocoupled ThODAs (HThODAs) show--both in solution and(More)
Steric stabilization of colloids forms a robust mechanism to obtain colloids that are stable in a variety of environments, and that can be used to study the phase behavior of hard or soft spheres. We report the synthesis of sterically stabilized colloids in an aqueous environment using readily dissolvable surfactants, with an unsaturated hydrophobic tail.(More)
A new methodology is presented to measure water-air partition coefficients (Henry's constants) of volatiles, using APCI-MS. Significant advantages over other Henry's constant determination methods include the short measurement and sample preparation time and the possibility for simultaneous measurement of multiple volatiles. The methodology is validated by(More)
We develop a theoretical model to describe structural effects on a specific system of charged colloidal polystyrene particles, upon the addition of non-adsorbing PEG polymers. This system has previously been investigated experimentally, by scattering methods, so we are able to quantitatively compare predicted structure factors with corresponding(More)
Transitions in structure of sodium caseinate stabilized emulsions were studied using conventional rheometry as well as diffusing wave spectroscopy (DWS). Structural differences were induced by different amounts of stabilizer, and transitions in structure were induced by acidification. Special attention was given to the sol-gel transition. In this study the(More)
When studying tunable electrostatic repulsions in aqueous suspensions of charged colloids, irreversible colloid aggregation or gelation may occur at high salt concentrations. For many commonly used synthetic colloids, such as polystyrene and silica particles, the reason for coagulation is the presence of unbalanced, strongly attractive, and short-ranged van(More)
We explore the properties of casein/xanthan mixtures for xanthan concentrations beyond those inducing phase separation. Previous work has successfully described the onset of demixing by depletion theory in the protein limit, where the xanthan polysaccharides, the polymers, are larger than the caseins from skim milk powder, the colloids (S. Bhat et al., J.(More)
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