Kittipat Wong

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A large conductance, Ca2+-activated K+ channel of the BK type was examined in cultured pituitary melanotrophs obtained from adult male rats. In cell-attached recordings the slope conductance for the BK channel was ≈190 pS and the probability (P o ) of finding the channel in the open state at the resting membrane potential was low (<<0.1). Channels in(More)
Let D ⊆ Rd, d ≥ 2 be the unbounded domain above the graph of a bounded Lipschitz function. We study the asymptotic behavior of the transition density pD(t, x, y) of killed Brownian motions in D and show that limt→∞ t d+2 2 pD(t, x, y) = C1u(x)u(y), where u is a minimal harmonic function corresponding to the Martin point at infinity and C1 is a positive(More)
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