Kitsutaro Amano

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As the Internet users increase, asymmetric networks which provide asymmetric bandwidth or delay for uplink and downlink have become a great attraction. Howevel; asymmetric networks which use both terrestrial and satellite links at the same time have not been enough investigated. Therefore, this paper proposes a new formula for TCP performance evaluation for(More)
In this paper we present a distributed routing protocol for finding two node-disjoint paths between each pair of nodes in a computer network. In the proposed protocol, each node in the network has the same procedure, which is driven by local information with respect to the network topology, such as adjacent nodes on a spanning tree in the network. Thus, the(More)
Multicast comm unication services will be one of the most promising future applications, whic h include real-time ows, in both the B-ISDN and the Internet. Design of suc h multicast routing proto cols is complex and di cult due to complicated requiremen ts. The proto col is de ned to be fault-toleran t if messages can be retransmitted when a message loss(More)
There always exist limitations on computer capability. For real-time shared three dimensional systems, it is essential to nd important tasks for users among all possible tasks to walk through and interact with 3D CG (Computer Graphics) spaces. Incorporating live videos, as components of virtual spaces, into 3D CG spaces is one of the heaviest tasks. In(More)