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BACKGROUND Phytopharmaceuticals are increasingly popular as alternative medicines, but poorly regulated in many countries. The manufacturers of these products should be subject to strict controls regarding each product's quality and constituents. Routine testing and identification of raw materials should be performed to ensure that the raw materials used in(More)
Nowadays, the need of sharing of dynamic open data to improve the cities intelligence are increased significantly. To share these data, MQTT, the lightweight messaging publish/subscribe protocol is one of most popular protocols. The sharing of data via MQTT includes two components; topic and message where the topic element is used to define which the(More)
BACKGROUND Andrographis paniculata Nees is a medicinal plant with multiple pharmacological properties. It has been used over many centuries as a household remedy. A. paniculata products sold on the markets are in processed forms so it is difficult to authenticate. Therefore buying the herbal products poses a high-risk of acquiring counterfeited, substituted(More)
The automatic urinal flushing system has been developed in the market for a long time. However, none of them is smart. No information is collected from the traditional automatic urinal flushing system. No one knows how many times it has been used in a day. No operational status is informed unless users have to be present right in front of them. In this(More)
In every day, “handwashing” is one of most frequent activities for everyone across our world. In every washing process, we lose some water. The losing is started from the turning on until the turning off the faucet. The attempt to save the water is to use of the automatic faucet. However, most of automatic faucets are fixed the faucet's(More)
This paper presents the parking space sensor system. This system is composed of car sensors, signal light controllers, sensor hubs, and a data processing server. The system uses RS485 as a communication link between controllers while using MQTT protocol to communicate between controllers and the processing server (MQTT broker). By using RS485 and MQTT, this(More)
This paper investigates one possible way to reduce the wastage of clean water used in a public toilet. The study focuses on saving clean water from the use of an automatic urinal flushing system in a toilet. The automatic urinal flushing is set with different water flushing duration parameter. This is to find the most satisfied parameter for users while(More)
BACKGROUND A variety of plants in Acanthaceae have long been used in traditional Thai ailment and commercialised with significant economic value. Nowadays medicinal plants are sold in processed forms and thus morphological authentication is almost impossible. Full identification requires comparison of the specimen with some authoritative sources, such as a(More)
Owing to the technological advances in computing power and wireless communications, applications that used to be only accessible on desktop computers are increasingly run-able on wireless devices. As a result, a wireless device user may run several applications at the same time, and these different applications may generate different data types. In a mobile(More)