Kit Yeng Liu

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BACKGROUND In malaria-endemic areas, a proportion of individuals becomes chronic carriers of parasites with few or no clinical signs. There is little information on cellular immune responses in asymptomatic parasite carriers. METHODS In 80 schoolchildren residing in a malaria-endemic area of Flores Island, Indonesia, T-helper subsets, regulatory T-cell(More)
Ionophores selectively sensitive to primary amines have been synthesized which display low potentiometric selectivity coefficients for K+, Na+ and NH4+ ions, secondary and tertiary amines as well as quaternary ammonium ions. These ionophores include macrocyclic polyethers with dinaphthyl subunits and azocrown ether with nitrogen donor atoms. The feasibility(More)
A new low-polymer surfactant, poly(propylene oxide)-alpha-stearyldimethylammonium chloride (PPOSA) has been synthesized. It contains a polyglycol main chain and quaternary ammonium branched chains. Investigation of the surface-active properties of PPOSA showed that as a sensitizing and solubilizing reagent for spectrophotometric analysis it possesses some(More)
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