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—Based on the linear prediction property of sinusoidal signals, two constrained weighted least squares frequency esti-mators for multiple real sinusoids embedded in white noise are proposed. In order to achieve accurate frequency estimation, the first algorithm uses a generalized unit-norm constraint, while the second method employs a monic constraint. The(More)
it can be easily shown that they are equivalent to (4) and (5). ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for their careful reading and constructive suggestions that improved the quality of this correspondence. Zhao, " Mobile phone location determination and its impact on intelligent transport systems, " IEEE Trans. A comparison(More)
Based on the equation-error approach, a weighted least squares algorithm with a generalized unit-norm constraint is developed for unbiased innnite impulse response (IIR) system identiication in the presence of white input and/or output noise. Through using a weighting matrix, the proposed estimator can be considered as a generalization of the Koopmans-Levin(More)
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