Kit Wing Chan

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Based on the linear prediction property of sinusoidal signals, two constrained weighted least squares frequency estimators for multiple real sinusoids embedded in white noise are proposed. In order to achieve accurate frequency estimation, the first algorithm uses a generalized unit-norm constraint, while the second method employs a monic constraint. The(More)
Based on the linear prediction (LP) property of sinusoidal signals, a closed-form unbiased frequency estimator for a real sinusoid in white noise is proposed. The frequency estimator, which is derived by minimizing a constrained least squares cost function, can be considered as a reformulation of the well known Pisarenko harmonic decomposer (PHD). Online(More)
This paper presents a new method for obtaining the blood pressure readings noninvasively with telemedicine application. Through the pulse transit time technique, the systolic, diastolic, and mean blood pressures can be predicted using the time interval between the electrocardioacgram (ECG) and photoplethysmography (PPG). The data can then be relayed to the(More)
Carcino-embryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 6 (CEACAM6), one of the members of human carcino-embryonic antigens, is a multifunctional regulatory protein involved in various cellular processes in cancers. Its role in malignant transformation and the clinical significance has been extensively studied in colonic and pancreatic cancers. However,(More)
We solve the joint open problems of photon localization and single-photon wave functions in the context of spontaneous emission from an excited atom in free space. Our wave functions are well-defined members of a discrete orthonormal function set. Both the degree and shape of the localization are controlled by entanglement mapping onto the atom wave(More)
The electron and ion wavepackets arising via the photoionization process and spontaneous emission of a photon by an atom are investigated theoretically in three dimensions with the initial wavefunction of a finite-mass atom taken in the form of a finite-size wavepacket. Recoil and wavepacket spreading are completely taken into account. Both the total(More)
Based on the equation-error approach, a weighted least squares algorithm with a generalized unit-norm constraint is developed for unbiased infinite impulse response (HR) system identification in the presence of white input and/or output noise. Through using a weighting matrix, the proposed estimator can be considered as a generalization of the(More)
The paper extends our pervious work on solving multi-contingency transient stability constrained optimal power flow problems (MC-TSCOPF) with the approach of particles swarm optimization (PSO). A hybrid PSO method that incorporates with a new wavelet theory based mutation operation, intends to improve the searching strategies on previously used PSO methods,(More)
Substantial progress has been made in the last decade in the understanding of quantum entanglement in continuous spaces. For example, criteria are now available that determine the existence of entanglement, or not, of bipartite states [1, 2, 3, 4]. It is only in continuous spaces that the degree of entanglement is not bounded, and it is here that the(More)
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