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Based on the linear prediction property of sinusoidal signals, two constrained weighted least squares frequency estimators for multiple real sinusoids embedded in white noise are proposed. In order to achieve accurate frequency estimation, the first algorithm uses a generalized unit-norm constraint, while the second method employs a monic constraint. The(More)
Based on the linear prediction (LP) property of sinusoidal signals, a closed-form unbiased frequency estimator for a real sinusoid in white noise is proposed. The frequency estimator, which is derived by minimizing a constrained least squares cost function, can be considered as a reformulation of the well known Pisarenko harmonic decomposer (PHD). Online(More)
Breast cancers related to BRCA mutations are associated with particular biological features. Here we report the clinical and pathological characteristics of breast cancer in Chinese women with and without BRCA mutations and of carriers of BRCA1 mutations compared to BRCA2 mutations. Two hundred and 26 high-risk Hong Kong Chinese women were tested for BRCA(More)
Toward the development of optical data storage system, higher resolution and broader operating bandwidth optical pickup is necessary for high data-density optical discs such as Blu-ray disc (BD). This paper is aim at developing a piezo-based actuator to replace existing voice coil motor (VCM) actuator for providing precise tracking and focusing positioning(More)
Based on the equation-error approach, a weighted least squares algorithm with a generalized unit-norm constraint is developed for unbiased infinite impulse response (HR) system identification in the presence of white input and/or output noise. Through using a weighting matrix, the proposed estimator can be considered as a generalization of the(More)
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