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In this report, we present a patient with a rarely encountered form of biphasic insulin allergy refractory to a conventional desensitization procedure. We describe a systematic approach to this clinical problem with a set of insulin preparations containing antihistamine and/or corticosteroid to verify the type of hypersensitivity reaction and identify(More)
Loops with cross-iteration dependences (DOACROSS loops) often contain significant amounts of parallelism that can potentially be exploited on modern manycore processors. However, most production-strength compilers focus their automatic parallelization efforts on DOALL loops, and consider DOACROSS parallelism to be impractical due to the space inefficiencies(More)
Fouling of a heated stainless steel surface by calcium phosphate precipitation has been studied in an annular flow apparatus, instrumented to provide a constant heat flux while measuring local metal-surface temperatures. Models of the heat and mass-transfer boundary layers are used to estimate interfacial temperatures and concentrations, from which the(More)
As computer hardware continues to dramatically improve in transistor density and raw capability, the importance of compilers to bridge the gap between high-level programming languages and these abundant hardware resources has never been greater. The workshop on Compiler-Driven Performance provided an important opportunity for academic faculty, students, and(More)