Kishwar Jhan Ali

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Swat district is a biodiversity hub of Pakistan. The plant species, especially trees, in the Swat District are exposed to extinction threat from global climate change. Maximum entropy (MaxEnt) modelling of species distribution, using HADCM3 A2a global climate change scenario, predicted a considerable change in the future distribution of Abies pindrow (Royle(More)
We investigated the phytosociology, structure and dynamics of Pinus roxburghii in 40 stands in northern areas of Pakistan by using cluster analysis (Ward’s agglomerative clustering) and ordination (Nonmetric Multidimensional Scaling). Cluster analysis revealed three major groups associated with specific environmental characteristics: (1) P. roxburghii (2)(More)
A water-deficit stress (WDS)-responsive transcription factor-encoding gene isolated from drought-tolerant Oryza sativa L. cv. N-22 corresponding to the AP2/ERF family and named AP2/ERF-N22, when overexpressed in Arabidopsis under a constitutive promoter, showed improved turgor and less wilting as compared to wild-type plants under WDS. However, the(More)
A genomic DNA fragment of 964 bp corresponding to AP2/ERF family transcription factor was isolated from drought tolerant Oryza sativa L. cv. ‘N-22’ (AP2/ERF-‘N-22’) and Oryza sativa L. cv. ‘Teipei 309’ (AP2/ERF-jap). The cDNA sequence of AP2/ERF-‘N-22’ (732 bp) was amplified using gene specific primers. The gene contains two exons and a single intron. The(More)
BACKGROUND Hepatitis-C viral infection is a global health problem. It has been estimated that approximately 170 million individuals are infected with hepatitis-C virus. Hepatic steatosis is a frequent histological feature in patients with chronic hepatitis-C infection. Histological examinations show that up to 50% of these patients have variable degrees of(More)
This paper review analysis of the performance of a fuel cell energy source based Multi Level Inverter topology. Multi Level Inverter topologies are suitable in high power application due to their ability to synthesize waveforms with better harmonic spectrum. The Multilevel inverter circuit analysis and selection of proper references discussed based on the(More)
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