Kishorkumar Patil

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Streaming data processing has been gaining attention due to its application into a wide range of scenarios. To serve the booming demands of streaming data processing, many computation engines have been developed. However, there is still a lack of real-world benchmarks that would be helpful when choosing the most appropriate platform for serving real-time(More)
As the use of Apache Storm, a distributed real-time computation platform, becomes more widespread in community, scalability of the platform has become a key challenge. Currently, Apache Storm leverages Apache Zookeeper as a message broker for heartbeats and metrics. Using Apache Zookeeper in this manner may have been a good implementation choice at the(More)
Finite element simulation of projectile impact on Aluminum plate is considered. The circular target plate is assumed to be fixed circumferentially in all directions. An elasto-viscoplastic material model presented by Johnson and Cook was used to describe the flow and fracture behavior of the target material during numerical simulation of the perforation(More)
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