Kishorebabu Vasanth

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A New Decision based Unsymmetrical Trimmed Midpoint algorithm, which uses asymmetric trimmed midpoint rather than median for the restoration of gray scale and color images that are heavily corrupted by salt and pepper noise is proposed. The processed pixel is checked for 0 or 255; if examined pixel is equal to 0 or 255, then it is considered as noisy pixel(More)
A Decision based unsymmetrical trimmed variants is proposed for the elimination of unequal probability salt and pepper noise in gray scale images. The proposed algorithm replaces the corrupted pixels with unsymmetrical trimmed median or midpoint based on the noisy pixels in the current processing window. The proposed algorithm shows excellent noise(More)
A novel fixed 3×3 window based algorithm for the elimination of high density salt and pepper noise is proposed. The proposed method uses a tree based switching mechanism for the replacement of corrupted pixel. The processed pixel is checked for 0 or 255; if found true then the pixel is considered as noisy else termed non noisy and left as unaltered.(More)
This Paper Analyze the performance of Unsymmetrical trimmed median, which is used as detector for the detection of impulse noise, Gaussian noise and mixed noise is proposed. The proposed algorithm uses a fixed 3x3 window for the increasing noise densities. The pixels in the current window are arranged in sorting order using a improved snake like sorting(More)
This work aims a cascaded decision based filter for the removal of high density in image and video is proposed. The proposed scheme operates in two levels. First level is a decision based median filter and the later employs a decision based unsymmetrical trimmed variants. In the first stage the corrupted pixels are found and replaced by the median of the(More)
UPS Systems are primarily related on battery reliableness which serves as a vital segment for framework unwavering quality. One of the vital parameters that are obliged to guarantee safe charging and discharging is SOC. As the battery SOC is an essential parameter, which mirrors the battery execution, so exact estimation of SOC can't just secure battery,(More)
In this paper, new area minimized architecture is proposed for median filters based on modified decomposition algorithm. The modified decomposition replaces the complexity of existing threshold decomposition algorithm such as complex comparators. The proposed algorithm works in two stages, decomposition and recombination. The proposed algorithm removes the(More)
A Threshold based fixed 3x3 Non linear filter for the removal of image artifact such as blotches, black band noise, streaks and impulse is proposed. The algorithm detects the corrupted pixel, if the absolute difference between the processed pixel and the unsymmetrical trimmed midpoint is greater than a fixed threshold else termed as non noisy. Under high(More)