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Studies on compressive failure features in syntactic foam material
Syntactic foam made by mechanical mixing of glass hollow spheres in epoxy resin matrix is characterized for compressive properties in the present study. Volume fraction of hollow spheres in theExpand
Moisture Absorption Characteristics of Natural Fibre Composites
A comparative study was made between the moisture absorption behaviours of sisal and jute fibre composites in an epoxy matrix under immersion conditions. Sisal fibres, in spite of possessing moreExpand
Influence of surface texture and roughness parameters on friction and transfer layer formation during sliding of aluminium pin on steel plate
Surface texture of harder mating surfaces plays an important role during sliding against softer materials and hence the importance of characterizing the surfaces in terms of roughness parameters. InExpand
Compressive fracture features of syntactic foams-microscopic examination
Syntactic foams made by mechanical mixing of polymeric binder and hollow spherical particles are used as core materials in sandwich structured materials. Low density of such materials makes themExpand
Correlation of processing methodology to the physical and mechanical properties of syntactic foams with and without fibers
The effect of processing on the entrapment of voids in both fiber-free and fiber-bearing syntactic foam systems is studied. The process modifications for reinforced foam systems decreased the amountExpand
Elastic behaviour of plain and fibre-reinforced syntactic foams under compression
Syntactic foams (SF) with 0, 0.9, 1.76, 2.54, 3.54 and 4.5 vol.% of E-glass fibres in the form of chopped strands were processed and subjected to compressive loading. It was found that introductionExpand
Gradient syntactic foams: Tensile strength, modulus and fractographic features
Syntactic foams are new age polymer composite materials. They find use not only in aerospace but also in naval applications as marine utility components. Due to their low density, lesser ingressionExpand
Industrial waste fly ash cenosphere composites based broad band microwave absorber
The utilization of industrial waste fly ash cenosphere (FAC) for microwave absorption is explored in this study. FAC, the industrial waste, was pre-treated with conventional acid-base wash. As softExpand
Microstructural and kinetic aspects of devitrification of Fe40Ni40B20 metallic glass
The crystallization characteristics of Vitrovac 0040 commercial glass with a composition of Fe40Ni40B20 have been investigated in detail using differential scanning calorimetry, X-ray diffraction,Expand
On the wear mechanism of iron and nickel based transition metal-metalloid metallic glasses
The tribological behaviour of two iron based and one nickel based metal-metalloid glasses has been studied during dry sliding wear in order to understand the basic mechanism of the wear process.Expand