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We performed limb lengthening and correction of deformity of nine long bones of the lower limb in six children (mean age, 14.7 years) with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). All had femoral lengthening and three also had ipsilateral tibial lengthening. Angular deformities were corrected simultaneously. Five limb segments were treated using a monolateral external(More)
Glutaraldehyde-perfused lungs of 5 adult male and female goats were prepared for electron microscopy to study the properties of blood monocytes in the alveolar capillaries, with particular reference to intravascular erythrophagocytosis. Ultrastructural evidence is presented that the majority of intravascular monocytes were active in forming large uropods(More)
Floating point division, even though being an infrequent operation in the traditional sense, is indispensable when it comes to a range of non-traditional applications such as K-Means Clustering and QR Decomposition just to name a few. In such applications, hardware support for floating point division would boost the performance of the entire system. In this(More)
The purpose of the study was to evaluate the safety and efficacy with the use of BMP-2 for treating persistent non-unions in children with underlying complex conditions. Between October 2006 and November 2010 in our unit, 15 patients were treated with rhBMP-2 to enhance bone union. There were nine females and six males with a mean age of 9.5 years (range(More)
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