Kishore Pochiraju

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Many applications require dimensionally accurate and detailed maps of the environment. Mobile mapping devices with laser ranging devices can generate highly detailed and dimensionally accurate coordinate data in the form of point clouds. Point clouds represent scenes with numerous discrete coordinate samples obtained about a relative reference frame defined(More)
The development of a peer-to-peer virtual instrumentation system for remote acquisition, analysis and transmission of data on low bandwidth networks is described. The objective of this system is to collect high frequency/high bandwidth data from multiple sensors placed at remote locations and adaptively adjust the resolution of this data so that it can be(More)
Micro/nanoscale initiators can enhance the pressure output and reduce the required voltage input for ignition because micro/nano wires have a large surface area and high electrical and thermal conductivities. We investigated electrothermal behavior of Cu and Au microwires with diameters in the range of 25 ~ 250 µm. Microwires with smaller diameter ignited(More)
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