Kishor Sadafale

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Selecting a foundational platform is an important step in developing recommender systems for personal, research, or commercial purposes. This can be done in many different ways the platform may be developed from the ground up, an existing recommender engine may be contracted (OracleAS Personalization), code libraries can be adapted, or a platform may be(More)
Performing comparison search in huge databases is a difficulty of particular concern in several communities, such as music, database, and data mining. A number of query by humming/singing (QBH) systems have evolved in recent years, which can search for the song without manual input. Query by humming systems will return a structured list of songs according(More)
Traditional video retrieval methods fail to meet technical challenges due to large and rapid growth of multimedia data, demanding effective retrieval systems. In the last decade Content Based Video Retrieval (CBVR) has become more and more popular. The amount of lecture video data on the World Wide Web (WWW) is growing rapidly. Therefore, a more efficient(More)
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology used to transmit conversations digitally over the Internet. VoIP is being adopted globally and changing the landscape of telecommunications for businesses and consumers. A successful voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) deployment requires careful consideration of and adequate planning for the system's(More)
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