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Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs) is an impressive invention in wireless technology due to its capacity to resolve spectrum scarcity crisis. It takes benefit of the underutilized licensed spectrum band to create effective or useful consumption of overall frequency spectrum band. The best spectrum is selected in an opportunistic manner, shared with other users(More)
Connectivity and robustness of ad-hoc cognitive radio network are the challenges faced by cognitive radio network due to moving nature of the channels, which are available for the communication to take place, among cognitive radio nodes. This challenge can be addressed by the concept of Clustering, which groups the neighboring nodes of a cognitive radio(More)
Cooperative Beamforming is a flourishing technique to resolve many issues related to Cognitive Radio Networks. One of them is to overcome the problems caused by failure of several nodes in a network. In case of node failures, the optional paths are selected instead of intended paths which may cause additional delay. This work suggests a route conservation(More)
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