Kishor Kunwar

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Teotia, M., Teotia, S. P. S., and Kunwar, K. B. (1971). Archives of Disease in Childhood, 46, 686. Endemic skeletal fluorosis. Endemic skeletal fluorosis is described in 6 children aged 11 or over. Four cases were crippled with severe deformities in the spine, hips, and knees. All showed positive phosphorus, magnesium, and nitrogen balances and excessively(More)
Endosulfan-induced changes in blood glucose, plasma electrolytes, and blood and brain ascorbic acid, hexokinase and glutathione have been investigated following acute and subacute administration in 12 h fasted male rats. After a single oral dose of endosulfan (40 mg/kg) a significant increase in blood glucose, blood ascorbic acid, and blood and brain(More)
The ability to modulate sensitivity in sensory systems is essential for useful information to be extracted from fluctuating stimuli in a wide range of background conditions. The mechanisms underlying sensitivity regulation in insect primary olfactory neurons are poorly understood. Here we reveal that dephosphorylation of OrcoS289 that occurs upon prolonged(More)