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The integrity of the sperm genome and epigenome are critical for normal embryonic development. The advent of assisted reproductive technology has led to an increased understanding of the role of sperm in fertilization and embryogenesis. During fertilization, the sperm transmits not only nuclear DNA to the oocyte but also activation factor, centrosomes, and(More)
The nuclear factor 1 (NF-1) motifs, NF-1 II/III, In the two 98-bp repeats of the transcription-regulatory region of JC virus (JCV), have a critical role in brain-specific transcription from the JCV early promoter-enhancer. In this study, the role of these motifs in transactivation of the JCV late promoter-enhancer (JCVL) was examined in differentiating(More)
Genetic factors contribute upto 15%-30% cases of male infertility. Formation of spermatozoa occurs in a sequential manner with mitotic, meiotic, and postmeiotic differentiation phases each of which is controlled by an intricate genetic program. Genes control a variety of physiologic processes, such as hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis, germ cell(More)
BACKGROUND This case-control study was designed with the aim of evaluating the role of sperm, oxidative stress and DNA damage in idiopathic recurrent pregnancy loss (iRPL). This pilot study is the first study done on the Indian population which reports the association between DFI, TAC and ROS in couples experiencing iRSA. METHODS Twenty infertile men with(More)
PURPOSE To screen the paired box gene 6 (PAX6) gene in irido-fundal coloboma. METHODS The entire coding region of PAX6 including intron-exon boundaries was amplified from cases (n=30) and controls (n=30). All sequences were analyzed against the ensemble sequence (ENSG00000007372) for PAX6. RESULTS DNA sequence analysis of patients and controls revealed(More)
As a number of children born by assisted reproductive technology (ART) are increasing each year across the developed world, the health of such offspring is a matter of public concern. Does the integrity of the paternal genome impact on offspring health? In societal terms, as birth rates fall, and the Western population become unsustainable, do the benefits(More)
Transcription of the human polyomavirus JC virus (JCV) genome is regulated by cellular proteins and the large tumour (T) antigen. Earlier studies led to the identification of nuclear factor-1 (NF-1)-binding sites in the JCV enhancer by DNase I protection assays of extracts from retinoic acid (RA)-differentiated P19 embryonal carcinoma (EC) cells. In this(More)
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