Kishen Iyengar

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Ranking journals is an important exercise in academia. While several approaches to rank journals exist, an inherent assumption of these approaches is that there is indeed a hierarchy of journals, which is captured by the methods used for ranking them. We address a more fundamental question: Is there a linear hierarchy within journals? In this article, we(More)
A MIMIC (multiple indicators and multiple causes) model serves as a strong statistical validation technique for a set of formative indicators and can be used when reflective indicators of related constructs to the focal formative construct are available. The method uses the reflective items as a criterion measure to establish the validity of the formative(More)
Central to a process of IT adoption is the managerial ability to simultaneously balance the continuous exploring of the technology and its advantages, while also exploiting it. It is this simultaneity that we refer to as IT adoption ambidexterity, and recognize as an area in need of research. Based on prior research on organizational ambidexterity, this(More)
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