Kishan Kumar Kumbla

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Three soft computing paradigms for automated learning in robotic systems are brieey described. The rst employs Genetic Programming (GP) to evolve rules for fuzzy-behaviors to be used in mobile robot control. The second paradigm develops a two-level hierarchical fuzzy control structure for exible manipulators. It incorporates Genetic Algorithms (GA) in a(More)
This paper describes the sources of error in Self Servo Track Writing (SSW) and how they are mitigated. Comparison of this process with the competitor's process show improved quality of tracks and sectors. Hence enhancing the reliability of the data stored in the HGST drives and the performance data access. Moreover this process of helium sealed drives(More)
Fuzzy logic can be used to map complex nonlinear relations by a set if IF-THEN rules. The me:mbership functions are designed by intuitive human reasoning. This poses two problems, one with every similar problem a set of membership functions have to developed and there is no way of changing these membership functions once it is implemented. This means fuzzy(More)
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