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Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) is a frequent diagnosis in chronic pain and is characterized by tender, taut bands known as trigger points. The trigger points are painful areas in skeletal muscle that are associated with a palpable nodule within a taut band of muscle fibers. Despite the prevalence of myofascial pain syndrome, diagnosis is based on clinical(More)
The Pauldrach Endocleaner was evaluated for the disinfection of gastrointestinal fibrescopes, and found to be a convenient, relatively inexpensive machine for use in endoscopy clinics. An experimental procedure was designed, for use with the endocleaner, which allowed application of an inoculum of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to a Fujinon OX52 endoscope and its(More)
OBJECTIVE Phantom limb pain is a painful sensation perceived in the absent limb following surgical or traumatic amputation. Phantom limb sensations, which are nonpainful, occur in nearly all amputees. Deafferentation can also produce similar symptoms. Here we report the presence of phantom pain in a deafferented limb. DESIGN Case report. SETTING(More)
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