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Multicasting is emerging as an enabling technology for multimedia transmissions over wireless networks to support several groups of users with flexible quality of service (QoS) requirements. Although multicast has huge potential to push the limits of next generation communication systems; it is however one of the most challenging issues currently being(More)
The location information of sensor nodes is needed for location-based services and network management in wireless sensor networks. Among the many kinds of localization schemes researched to find the location of sensor nodes, a few some schemes presume the use of mobile beacons because using mobile beacons has many potentialities. In particular, a(More)
Loop-interference (LI) from relay transmission to reception reduces the channel capacity and makes the relay system unstable in full-duplex (FD) multi-input multi-output (MIMO) relay systems. conventional schemes to suppress LI still have drawbacks: 1) incur a dispensable signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) loss in low SNR regions; 2) increase the system complexity(More)
Underwater sensor networks (UWSNs) are considered a costeffective solution to ocean applications, such as the acquisition of natural resources in oceans, protection from underwater disasters, etc. These applications basically require location information of nodes to identify the venue of reported events. To locate more accurately the position of nodes,(More)
In practical communication environments, it is frequently observed that the underlying noise distribution is not Gaussian and may vary in a wide range from short-tailed to heavy-tailed forms. To describe partially known noise distribution densities, a distribution class characterized by the upper-bounds upon a noise variance and a density dispersion in the(More)
Bandpass sampling algorithm is effectively adopted to obtain the digital signal with significantly reduced sampling rate for a single radio frequency(RF) signal. In order to apply the concept to multiple RF signals, we propose bandpass sampling algorithms with the normal and the inverse placements since we are interested in uniform order of the spectrum in(More)
In this letter, we investigate the queue behavior with Pareto interarrival and exponential service time distribution. By numerical analysis and simulations, we analyze the asymptotic and the exact loss probabilities of GI/M/1/K to show the big discrepancy between the asymptotic and the actual loss probability and propose a model for the loss probability of(More)